About Me: Beth Godbee

I’m an educator living in Washington, D.C. with connections to many places, including Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Georgia. I write from my identities as a white, feminist teacher and researcher; reiki and yoga practitioner; hiker and vegan. My deepest commitments are to equity and justice. These commitments lead me to think and write about intersectional identities, embodiment, power, and rights, among other matters. In this blog, I document my ongoing efforts, struggles, and attitude of “try-try again” to align with these commitments.

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Beth Godbee — Hiking above ground at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

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About This Blog: Heart-Head-Hands

Embodied knowledge matters. So do commitments. And especially acting on commitments as part of everyday life, BIG and small. This blog shares ongoing efforts of feeling, thinking, and doing for justice. Posts include reflections, recipes, research, and resources: all seek to make sense of what it means to live a life for justice.

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HANDS — Jonathan D’Andries, Beth Godbee, Manisha Pathak-Shelat, Revati Shelat

This photo reminds me of the creative possibilities arising from the heart, head, and hands. Summers in Wisconsin can be colder than expected. When traveling in June, a group of friends and I were far too cold—shivering and looking for any extra clothing. By sharing three sets of “emergency gloves” among the five of us, we found a way to share in the warmth: each of us with one hand covered, one uncovered. Together, we created some warmth, much laughter, and good memories that remind me still today that we need solutions for solidarity and mutual support. Together, we can create warmth, even in chilly conditions.